In such developed life, human is talking about reaching stars .But nowadays, there is still a black corner where human is failed to get access. These are blood diseases such as Cancer, Aids hepatitis C and remaining fractions have been done by Congo and Dengue Virus. The humans are quite visible with defeatist mentality and disappointed in the form of rallies .I stepped ahead while considering disappointment as a sin and started research and continued my research with a hope and it has glimmered my success.It developed day by day and at the end, God has given me a sigh of relief for my hard work and I found blood and heart diseases treatment. I am doing this since 18 years and thousands of patients have been benefited not only in Pakistan but outside of the country and the ratio of recovery was incredible.

In accordance of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Hadith when the world end is nearby, there will be some diseases which will take place and there treatment will be quite impossible. These diseases will relate to blood and soul which is running in blood. When a human dies, the blood vanishes from his body and other parts remain same. The human body is being treated in Europe but the disease come back with Soul. Hazarat Issa (E.S) whipped his hand for healing, it was his miracle. But these miracles have no longer existence in the world. Now we cannot exercise those miracles. The second one is Karamat (Magics), if it once happened, the Karamat (Magic) does not believe itself that it will happen again. When Hazrat Musa (E.S) throws his stick, that stick converted in to snake, but is not Karamat. The means of miracles are not longer remaining in the world and they whenever you need you can use. Hazarat Khalid Bin Waleed had drunk venom in Ajnadeen Battle, People were watching and thinking that he will die, but he said that I will never die by drinking venom, because I am thinking reciting Allah’s Name. So it shows that reciting names of Allah. It gives birth to the waves in the blood, which eliminate the viruses and control them. I research of this and trying to control the blood waves. Allah has succeeded me in this. How I am treating is that I do oracular and suggest few names of Allah to the patient, when patient recites the names of Allah, it granted waves. I bring these waves into patient and the blood relatives need to be sit with patient and they also recite. Allah has formed this universe for the substitution of human deeds. The angel is not working for everyone, these disease are result of our deeds. Allah has produced some waves in which life is running. It can only be cure by reciting. The allopathic treatment ratio is 26%, it will not be less until we don’t take right steps for our deeds. Well it will be said treatment that 55% patient is treated. When Patient come to me I give him Qurani Ayat for his Treatment and after four days I give him Allah’s name for recitation, when he recites these names for eleven days I contact to the patient and start his treatment. It is not interruption Treatment if the patient is faraway.