Spiritual Healing

With the development in world, new diseases are also emerging and invention for treatment of these diseases is also rapidly growing.   Through the waves of beautiful names of Allah and Quranic verses, I can cure the incurable diseases, can recover him. Talking to curer Muhammad Ashraf he said cure for every disease exist in the Quran. People all over the world are getting relief through my spiritual healing.  Who is Haji Muhammad Ashraf? How all these things achieved to him? who was progenitor whom from the knowledge of spiritual healing gained to him?  These are questions which come on every person lip who knows little about Haji Muhammad Ashraf. By meeting with Haji Muhammad Ashraf, all the things will vivid to them.   He is such progenitor of accomplishment, when going near to him, not only your heart will be enlightened but all the things will seem enlightened.  Haji Sahib shown new ways to the people who were about to die and helped them in bringing on right paths. He wishes that East and West take benefit from his competency. His only aspiration is that my light of insight gets common.

Almighty Allah has sent human being as Allah’s Vicegerent, Caliph (Naib) and Allah has ordained some dadas to prove efficiency of this locality. When human passes these destinations then in actual meaning he becomes Naib. Haji sahib name is too amongst creditable names who   have made sincere efforts in achieving these destinations and succeeded. Haji sahib name had have been creditable and great in fans industry of Pakistan. After his father death of heart disease his life was changed. Leaving million of business, he tempted towards healing through Quran. After years of research and search he found the system of treating  people through waves and done such wonderful work where human mind is surprised.

Now complete treatment is doing of cancer, aids, hepatitis; a,b,c,d and enlargement of heart, or enlargement one part of heart or veins inside heart  are closed and un curable diseases. The quality of this oracular way of treatment is this after patient cured, it become human symbol of amelioration for human who always spend life in shades of Almighty Allah blessing. In which part of the world the patient is in, this distance cannot stop them in his way of treatment. In these days Haji Sahib in the acclivity of popularity, his this work is not only within country but also in abroad. We have taken interview of his hard work and its fruits and his way of treatment which presented for people welfare and readers.

Q. Haji sahib,  it is popular about you that you are treating relating to human blood fatal diseases like aids,  hepatitis; a, b, c, d and blood allergy complicated diseases. Your curative ratio is also wonderful, nature has blessed you the perfect curative skill. How did you reach to this matchless and miraculous system of cure?   

Ans. My father suffered with heart attack and my cousin was also suffered with the deadly disease of cancer. My father died on third heart attacked. So I thought that medicine can not save human life. Perfect recovery is possible through Kalam Illahi (verses of Quran). This Inquisitiveness incited me to curative through Quran and thus I started research on Quran.  As this serious of research goes on, a strength was creating in me which can prove that my claim is true. I did practically demonstration of this during my stay in U.A.E where Arabic person put rubber heart there Shah Khalid also got operation. Shah Khalid died after five year and the other patient dies on other disease. I did research and Allah succeeded me and my courage increased further. During my personal Istikhara, I found some curative verses through which I create waves and treat patients.

Q. How will you illustrate this wonderful way?

Ans.  Allah has entrusted system of universe to specific waves as anything how it is strong, stick in whirlpool, it cannot emancipate until another third more strong power is found to emancipate them from whirlpool. These strong waves can emancipate the patient from whirlpool. Healing through waves is also done in China. Christians through Bible and Jews through Turat create waves and do healing. Hindus put colour in glass and put it in sunshine and take waves. Some time ago one lady had come from Europe to Islamabad and had been getting treatment. About her, Shorish Malik had published a long interview in Jang newspaper. In America one spiritual healer is famous for treating through waves. I did research and tried to create waves through Quran but Quranic waves were so strong that its control was impossible. Now I create waves with attributed names of Allah. The direction of waves changes upto 11:00 am then I set and get accessibility over these waves and check the patients. Patients of blood who could not be diagnosed, whom I do not charge any fee. I take some thousands rupees from patients who come for cancer, aids, liver dieses. The poor people who cannot pay, bring zakat form with them and get free treatment. First the form is registered, date is given to them and they are then treated free of cost on specified date.

Q. Haji sahib tell you us about waves what are these waves?

Ans. Ghulam Jeelani Burq has described the accomplishment of waves in Mun Ki Dunya. Europe says where world limit ends there is one place named Aster world, human practices struck with this Aster world and come back in the world thus waves are created. We say Allah has attached the running of this world with human practices. To run this world with your practice,  good practices create good and bad practice create dirty waves. On words we spoil our time, create ill waves.

Saying of Prophet (SAW): when vulgarity is spread near to the day of judgment, such disease will be appeared whose treatment will not be possible. It appears that vulgarity create such waves which creates disease. Hazrat Esa(AS) accosted to his Apostle and told if you need health then persuade to good practices. He stressed that virtue can guarantee you of your good health.

Saying of Prophet (PBUH): There is Healing in Alhamdulillah, recitation of Alhamdulillah creates such waves which have healing. Allah says: when you made the world dark with your practices, your Lord has sent messenger towards you Who lightened the cresset and lightened the world. It means that with the remembrance of Allah dark waves transformed to lights.

Prophet (SAW) first gave the remembrance of Allah to Sahabas. Who recited Kalma many times, with its blessing such waves were created due to this, darkness of ignorance was removed. In Paradise all the people will do the remembrance of Allah. Even angels and trees will accomplice in Zikr. Due to Zikr there will be peace in paradise.

If you do Zikr of Allah in the world then such waves will be created which will finish the diseases. I do Istikhara after Zikr e Allah. Allah says when do my Zikr I will give you peace of heart. If you keep in mind the disease you will have peace of heart that time when you get relief from disease.

Allah says in the Quran, Allah does not deny of his promise. We have forgotten Allah so Allah has stopped to help us.  I have principle if you do not get relief from disease on my treatment then take your money back.

Allah will help you if you turn towards your Allah and world will be made a paradise for you. People of Pakistan do not think on other things besides miracle and Karamat.

The basic difference between Miracle and Karamat is: A miracle is the extra-ordinary event which occurs at the hand of a prophet as proof of his truthfulness. For example, when Prophet Musa threw his staff and it became a serpent, Pharaoh’s magicians knew what he did was not witchcraft and that Musa was a prophet. Another miracle occurred with Prophet Ibrahim when the people threw him in the blazing fire and neither his body nor his clothes burned, on the other hand Karamahs are extra-ordinary actions which might occur to the waliyy, and are a sign he is truthfully following his prophet. Wali does not believe that Karamat if once appeared will appear again or not. The waves of Karamat appearance exist in air. If one time appeared, it may appear again..

Hazrat Umer (RA) once said,  Oh Sarya, saying this he saw towards mountain, waves had traveled hundreds upto miles that voice also can go so many miles far today. Waves also exist today in the world in high tone and this practice that can be repeated, there is only need for such who understand these waves through which the voice is  reached.

Q. Upto what extent did you succeed in treatment of cancer, aids, hepatitis; a,b,c,d

Ans.  I have done this treatment from of big politicians to poor people. Patients got relief with the will of Allah. Here one thing mentionable that I treated about seven thousand people, out them three thousand heart patients treatment is not alike. Cancer treatment takes 123 days and heart patient take 90 days, after 41 days patient has to come to me. There is no need for patient to come personally.  Women can send their servant staying home and I treated patients in American hospital who successfully recovered. Especially when heart is enlarged, this treatment is only available with me. If some have, but they don’t see waves I am the fourth Muslim in the world, the 5th emerged in Saudia after that the series will end up. Hepatitis treatment is very expensive, its injection cost is around 2 lacs rupees. Even recovery is not more than 26% . My patient recovery ratio about 85% and the remaining 15 are also not patients but their reports come positive. I think in some people blood, there are germs which are needed to be purified that’s why their reports are positive. The people I treated them, are still alive. My result before making water is 100%. People who have water in their bellies, about 60%. have been recovered among them.

Q.  Put lighting on your way of treatment?

Ans. First of all I ask the patient and his/her mother’s name that nature of disease of the patient. Then I give Quranic verses to patient, patient goes to home and start drinking water. Then I do Istikhara and on 4th day I tell beautiful names of Allah to patient for recitation when patient recites these names the waves of healing is created thought these waves I treat patient.

When patient recites the names for seven days, waves are able so that the treatment is possible. On 11th days treatment is started. From 11th day to 41 days I check the condition of patient every day and do treatment ahead, patient even in the jungle of America but for cancer, aids and liver patient two persons’ names and their mothers’ names are taken and give to them too for recitation. Blood relations of them with the patient is necessary. For husband wife and for wife husband can recite.

If patients themselves recite for 41 days, then there is no need to recite by their relatives. I tell the names to people with these names they have direct attachment with Allah. When a person recites this if they recite for three months regularly and they cannot forgo their prayers. The environment surrounded them get favourable and their food get abundance. Permissible wants does not stop.

Q.  Haji Sahib, for salvation to difficulties, problems,  troubles faced by human, can  you do any practice through these waves?

Ans.  At the beginning, I used these waves for my purpose, helped a few personalities, but no desirable progress was got, so I set the waves on diseases if any problem arise and in this, there is collective benefit for a nation then I can do this again.  

I feel pleasure in serving patients. I have one problem that I don’t go out other prayer. Only after Fajr prayer I go out for walking but cannot change my way, every day I use the same way for walk. There is no permission for me to go anywhere other than home and mosque. My heart wishes to do something for nation.  If human understands the waves they could do anything then. Give me one department I give something to these employees for reading. From three months to five and half months their efficiency will be increased. The recitation of my words will make them habitual to offer prayer. Their surrounding environment will become favourable for them. They will feel like something is helping them.

You give me whole police department, govt examine one police station, within a five months 85% people will be abandoned bribe. Give the officials of any agency to me their efficiency will be increased in this period. This the only way left, especially for this nation. Govt take me in confidence and I give some words to forty lac people for recitation, not long time but in only five months and they will see the result.

I quote an example here, how much precious the seed is it is not grown in stony land. For that land needs to be made fertile. Our leaders do not give attention on making the land fertile. Benazir used to say bureaucracy does not cooperate with me. Nawaz sharif says I could not work in past the two years, in the next two years I will do double work. You think the waves who stopped him from single work, how will they allow him to do double work. If it is to make possible then environment should be make favourable and workable. Now there is quarrel of LFO why our leaders do not think about this.   

That why it is so, the fighting of assembly is not fighting of leaders, basically these are waves which are created due to people practices when they reach to logical ends then such conditions are inevitable, if these are to stop, then stop it in society. All the wretch, are those Pakistani who are sitting in waiting that some leaders will come and will change their destiny but they are un ware, ignorant of the fact that their practices have created such leader who guide them. Keeping in mind these things well that due to Jinnah fruits of effort, sacrifices, these waves have been created. In these days nation says Allah himself Pakistan make safe place. If Muslim do good deeds and serve people they will get its reward which they will need after death in the day of judgment. In worldly principle, Muslim cannot get superiority over other nations if they do not change themselves. When Egypt was conquered,  Hazrat Umar (RA) asked Christians what are you people doing, they replied we were two groups, one group said Christian urine is uncorrupted and other said its corrupted and we were fighting over this and you on assaulted on us.

He accosted the Muslim and said that your attachment with Allah is through your worship. When you too stick in un important problems, you will then fight to each other. That time Allah will impose another nation on you. Think for a little bit, you don’t know waves, you are going inside in such a cave whose possibilities of falling down are increasing. Your ancestors had given you the homeland so you do not see a little bit back into history. You are dishonest, those who do dishonesty in the trust, will not enter in paradise.

Prophet (SAW) said, your Allah has destroyed a lot of nations because there were separate laws of rich and poor and the waves which are created due to injustice, destroy the nations. When silk worm stick anywhere, the angel tell them to do Zikr when they do this, waves are created in which there is not only liberty for them but he is complete worm, his feather comes out so ponder on this. Lets come and make arrangements for remembrance of Allah. Our difficulties will solved and when we do good work we will make our world peaceful like paradise. Peace of paradise is in the remembrance of Allah. At the end I request to my nation, criticism is the right of only those people who later on bring the solution of problems. When the nation adopts the habit of unnecessary criticize they reach to the brink of destruction. Human has created by Allah, they should make accountability of themselves and keep eyes on others goodness thus you will see your own weakness and you will take benefit from others goodness. This is the principle of universe where you will attach to goodness you will find good waves back. We criticize Police, WAPDA, Govt., from them, what waves come out, make the nation lazy.  We think that criticism is general knowledge. Our nation should be silent, they should stop unnecessary criticism there from good deeds waves will come out and peace and reconciliation will increase.