Dealing in Spiritual Healing

Haji Muhammad Ashraf is a spirited grey haired middle age man who does not portray himself to possess outstanding worldly qualifications or specialties but when he starts talking on subjects of spiritualities he mesmerizes anyone who listens, For days, this scribe tried to fix some convenient time to interview him for Pakistan Observer, it was the hottest day of the year, a few days back when he talked to Pakistani Observer, it was very hot part of the day, 4.00 in the afternoon, when he was available at his residence in I/10 Islamabad.

Haji Ashraf has his origins in Gujarat whereas he said he owned an industrial unit now facing neglect. Years back, he lost interest in his worldly business to devote all his time to “Search”, yes he said “Search”. He had seen people collapsing and dying of blood cancer, Aids, Hepatitis A, B, C, D, Blood Allergy and heart diseases. He realized that normal medical treatments under any system of medicine had proved unequal to the horrors of these diseases. He believed that there must be cures to these disease too and soon came to the conclusion that the cure lay not in drugs but in spiritual treatment, He says “ I was not equipped with medical laboratories , I was not trying  to develop any drug for these diseases which  were already in abundance. I was reciting attributional names of Allah Subanalhutalla, as many times as much frequently as I could” and in the midst of such recitals to glorify the creator, he says he discovered waves, waves that could stem the decaying health of a person suffering from fatal diseases. I asked Haji Muhammad Ashraf as to how he controlled waves when treating Patient. He said “it is a spiritual process. Once a proper wavelength is established between the patient and he the magnitude of the disease can easily be ascertained”. After that he calculates the period to be required for the treatment, which may be several days or weeks but certainly not way long.

Haji Muhammad Ashraf says; “I have treated successfully many people who had lost all hope and were desperate”. He names many people whom he treated and they belonged to all walks of life. He says, his system of treatment can also help those who cannot come to him and live abroad. “For waves, the distance poses no hurdle, he says..

He said he came to Islamabad in 1998 and he has been practicing  Spiritual Treatment since that year .He has been  trying to make people believe in the spiritual powers  and convince them that the ailments pursuits immersed in  greed .He has a fair knowledge of Muslim history: He explains the spiritual power through an  anecdote: Hazrat Omer directed the Commander of Muslim Army when they were confronting and the enemy hundreds of miles away and uttered the words ‘ O , Sarya turn to the mountain. The message was transmitte3d to Sarya. “This is how spiritual power can do what materials means fail to”, he emphasizes.

Haji Muhammad Ashraf says peoples can remain healthy and avoid fatal diseases if they live a life free from vices. He laid emphasis on prevention in his system of treatment. Prevention is based on piety and service to fellow –beings.

He calls for looking at the examples set by great Muslims like Hazrat Ali who did not have anything to eat for long spells of time and when he had something, it was coarse dry bread. He means to stress on simple food and less frequent meals. He also emphasized that one serve the fellow-beings. He said that immoral activities lead to mental and physical diseases. “The government, society and individuals – all bear responsibility for lewdness. “If you fail to stem lewdness, fatal disease will swarm the land and there will be no escape .He said and his face turned red with visible emotion and disgust.

Haji Muhammad Ashraf had a brief pause .He looked up to this scribe to asses if he has been able to communicate his message. I asked my last question: Sir, you mention diseases, chasing the mortals, you have given the causes, and you explained prevention and also treatment .Would you like to say something more?

Haji Muhammad Ashraf: I have to conclude .There must be justice and equity at all levels, from individuals to the state level. A society suffering from in justice cannot ensure healthy state nor healthy people. I’ve nothing more to say.