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In such developed life, human is talking about reaching stars .But nowadays, there is still a black corner where human is failed to get access. These are blood diseases such as Cancer, Aids hepatitis C and remaining fractions have been done by Congo and Dengue Virus. The humans are quite visible with defeatist mentality and disappointed in the form of rallies .I stepped ahead while considering disappointment as a sin and started research and continued my research with a hope and it has glimmered my success.It developed day by day and at the end, God has given me a sigh of relief for my hard work and I found blood and heart diseases treatment. I am doing this since 18 years and thousands of patients have been benefited not only in Pakistan but outside of the country and the ratio of recovery was incredible.

Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer is a fatal disease of blood.  Research has been carried on


Aids is a very dangeruous disease. Human efforts have been failed in controli

Blood Allergy

Alergy is a simple disease, its function is that this comes again and again.

Hepatitis A, B

Hipatitis is also disease of blood. This affects the liver and slowly the ner

Hepatitis C, D

Hipatitis C and D is also disease of blood. Doctors inject the patient and pu

Heart Diseases

We have the best treatment of heart spreading, no one knows the exact treatme

Allah has intrusted the system of universe to waves, these waves are attached to human deeds. Allah says run the world with your deeds. When human being remember Allah that creates such waves which have healing. When Allah gives healing to any one, waves come around them. We create these waves through rememberance of Allah and bring these around the patient.

Patients come from all over the world. As such where waves reach in the world, our area is upto there. Distance does not resist in our treatment. How fast the mobile connect, we also connect fastly with the patient through waves.

My mission is to serve humanity, Europe gets over Rs. 32 lacs over treatment of Cancer and other fatal disease, we treat these dangeruous disease on only few thousand rupees and our result is much better than them.

We treat patients like this, we call name of patient, his mothers name and names of two persons who have blood relation with the patient. After Istikhara for 6 days, we give beautifu names of Allah to the patients for recitation.  When the patient recites these names for seven days, when we contact to patient on 11th day so the treatment of patient is started. When the beautiful names of Allah are recited for 11 days, patient may phone us between 11 am to 1 am about his treatment. Various diseases take different times in healing of disease.